Herbalizer Vaporizer Review Site

An in depth look at the most revolutionary vaporizer in the industry

Aromatherapy Mode

The herbalizer has been integrated with multiple modes, and the aromatherapy mode is for use with essential oils that will allow you to fill your house up with valuable fragrances that will enhance your experiences.  If you are interested in positive fragrances such as chamomile and frakensense, then you will likely enjoy this mode.  

Vaportherapy Mode

Vaportherapy mode on the herbalizer will likely be the one that you will be using most often, as this is the one that will allow you to inhale your favorite, high quality vapor draws.  You can use dried herbs or concentrates with the herbalizer, and this will give you convenience and versatility.  You don't have to worry about picking between a whip or a balloon, because this desktop vaporizer has both of them available to you.

Multiple Heat Settings

There are multiple heat settings on the herbalizer, and you should be willing to take advantage of all of them to purposefully enlighten the overall experience that you are engaging in.  This is a complex product, and if you are going to learn how to use it properly then you must watch all of the reviews and read the instruction manual so that you get a great idea about what is the best method for extracting your high quality vapor with this unit.  This device is super high quality, and there aren't any other products similar to it in the marketplace.  This will probably be the most successful vaporizer that you have ever encountered, so you should get ready for the best vaping experience of your life.

Universal Design

The herbalizer is the most versatile product that has ever been created, and can be used with a variety of different settings to enhance their vaping experience.  This is really a high quality product, and you will start to learn how things work when you start getting involved with these units.